Proven Principles And Human Nature NEVER Change, No Matter What Technology Offers! 
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Jack Tuuk - Co-Founder
"Change in the marketing world is approaching the 'speed of light'! This is NOT the time to rely on what worked in the past!" The amount of information coming at business owners regarding marketing today is like 'drinking from a fire hose'. It's difficult to keep up in this ever-changing digital world. 
What NEVER changes are the fundamental principles. AND, the 'Missing Ingredients' are having the Right Strategy and EXECUTION!. 
Not Knowing The 'Marketing Equation' Is Like A Math Teacher Not Knowing How To Add Or Subtract - don't spend another dime until you know why!
We 'Stack Up' Pretty Well! 
Business innovators, strategic thinkers, and marketing strategists who were part of an organization that taught and implemented a step by step marketing system used in over 13,700 businesses in more than 262 different industries; AND, way out in front of the BIG economic problems ahead. That might be a valuable 'business partner'. 
We're looking for business owners who 'buy-in' to what we teach. Wouldn't you like to understand exactly what marketing and advertising is supposed to do? Our Power Profit Marketing System is based on proven principles and human nature
We’re On The Edge Of A Seismic Shift In Business, And Not A Positive One!
The challenge is to embrace a different form of education and training for a different world" (Seth Godin) This 4 step process is exclusively for business owners who want to do what's necessary to prepare.
1. Cut Costs 
Cut Costs Now!
Apply newer and better methods, improve efficiency and deliver better value. Peter Drucker, the famous management consultant, said, There are only two things in a business that make you money - innovation and marketing, everything else is cost!
2. Systematize
Systematize Every Aspect of Your Business
Everything should work like a light switch (OK,as much as possible)!
3. Create Leverage
Transform Your Marketing & Sales - Create leverage at every point! 
Good Marketing Not Only Makes You The Best Choice… It Makes You The ONLY Choice!
Here's A Game-Changing Strategy You Hope Your Competitors DO NOT Find First! 
Why? it saves time, increases conversion, and avoids 75% of the objections....for starters! 
4. Be Strategic
The Missing 'Puzzle Piece' In Today's Crowded Field Is NOT Having The Correct Strategy For Your Industry. There are only 6!
Strategy is for the long haul.Tactics are disposable, they change. Also, don't spend another dime on marketing until you know and understand the "Marketing Equation"! What's the "MARKETING EQUATION"? Watch Our Training Video!!
Are You The 'Best Deal' And Can You Prove It?
There's A Really Good Reason Why We Ask The Question!
Jim Tuuk - Co Founder
Jim Tuuk is directly responsible for the agency’s leadership and financial management. Jim also shapes the agency’s financial approach to building lasting client relationships. Jim is a seasoned finance professional (accounting, audits, taxes, treasury, compliance, etc.). He prides himself of being more than "just an accountant." Jim is a trusted adviser who understands small business needs and how to solve tough early stage growth and expansion problems. 

Jack Tuuk - Co Founder
Good marketing not only makes you the best choice… It should make you the ONLY choice! 
And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling retail, wholesale, business-to-business, or whatever. The new paradigm has been created by increased competition and confusion in the marketplace, which has caused consumers to distrust most of what you say in your sales & marketing efforts. And it’s not that they don’t trust you, either.
Pat Walters
Graphic Design 
Kaleigh Nyenhuis
Power Profit Program Client On-boarding and Implementation 
Taleesh Manson
Head of PHOENIX ONE Development
Grand Rapids, MI location - PH: 616-236-3260
Richardson, TX location - PH: 972-383-9260
Imitation is the best way to stay one step behind ,
Innovation is the way to leap ahead!
A List Of Industries We've Consulted With Or Had Direct Experience (so there's a good chance we'd understand yours):
Automotive: Auto Repair: Engine, Chassis, Drive-train, Hydraulics, Truck accessories, Auto body, Transmission repair,

Health Care: I.V. Solutions, Biomedical Equipment, Drug Delivery Systems, Surgical Spine Implants, Amino Acid Therapy, Chiropractic

Executive Recruiting: Factory Automation, Electrical, Power Generation, Building Products

Health Insurance
Emotional Intelligence


Ultra Energy Efficient Construction: Heating & Air Conditioning, Spray Foam, SIPS, Insulating Concrete Forms(ICF) Home Performance 

Home Improvement, Commercial and Residential Painting and Finishing, Real Estate, 

Technology: Information Technology, Global Networks of Super-computing With AI (Artificial Intelligence), Saas, Content Management Systems, 

Marketing: Outbound and Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Graphic Design, Sales Funnel Development, Sales Systems, Video Production, 

Sales Funnel Strategy - If you don't have one you're behind! Websites today are more like a 'brick wall'

Sales Funnel Build Out 

• Sales Systems - Start your sales process before you ever meet your prospects 

• Customer Retention Systems - what good is having a bunch of contacts if you don't stay in touch.

• ProActive Strategies - are you willing to execute?

Like-minded Businesses Who Deliver Additional Benefits 
CPA Accounting Firm
SmB Legal 
IT Services
(we're still looking for the right ones)
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Learn Why, "When 70% Of Your Economy Is Based On Money People Don't Have, Spent On Things They Can't Afford, There's No Good Way Out Of It"
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